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If you have any other question please feel free to email us. 

  • What do I usually feel after my first treatment?
    You will usually feel better after the first treament. However, some individual will have different reaction to the first treatment, it could be a mild discomfort. Do not be alarm because your body is just adjusting to a new treatment regimen.
  • How often do I have a treatment?
    We recommend for you to have 3 treatments for the first week of treatment, and eventually reduce it to 2 treatments for the second to third week.
  • What activities can I do after my treatment?
    You can do your regular activities of daily living, however do not overdo your activity.
  • Should I have a maintenance treatment? How often?
    We recommend for a twice a month of treatment session.
  • What preventive activites should I do?
    Regular exercises to strengthen your muscles and no heavy lifting activity that might stress your muscle tissue.
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